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Interview with Kathy Alm 

Executive Director of PATH International

What are your thoughts on EAA/T research, Kathy Alm? 

Occasionally we still hear someone in the field ask us “Why is research important?  Why does my program need it?”  So we decided to ask the executive director of PATH International, Kathy Alm, some of her thoughts on those issues.
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Kathy Alm

Kathy Alm


Interview with Beth Lanning 

HHRF Grant Recipient, November 2016

Beth Lanning, PhD, MCHES, is principal investigator on the 2014 HHRF-funded project “Examination of the Effects of Equine Assisted Activities on PTSD Symptoms, Quality of Life and Participation in Combat Veterans.” The purpose of the project was to assess changes in PTSD symptoms, quality of life and participation of combat veterans who participate in equine assisted activities. The study utilized a mixed-methods, waitlist-controlled, repeated measures trial of a standardized 8-week therapeutic riding intervention for combat veterans with PTSD. Behavioral changes were assessed four times during the study. Read More ...

Beth Lanning, PhD, MCHES
Beth Lanning, PhD, MCHES

Interview with Megan Kiely Mueller

HHRF Scientific Advisory Council Member, May 11, 2016

Megan Kiely Mueller, Ph.D. is a research assistant professor in the Center for Animals and Public Policy at the Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. Megan holds a Ph.D. in Applied Child Development from Tufts University. Megan's research focuses on the Read More ...

Molly Sweeney with her Children

Megan Kiely Mueller, Ph.D.

Interview with Molly Sweeney
HHRF Founder, November 2015

-Will you talk a little bit about your background that led you to spend your time and energy helping HHRF come to existence and develop to where it is today? 

My grandfather was a professional horseman so I was lucky enough to grow up with horses. Our home in Chagrin Falls, OH, was connected Read More ...

Molly Sweeney with her Children

Molly Sweeney and Family

Interview with Clare Thomas-PinoInterview with
Clare Thomas-Pino
HHRF Scientific Advisory Council Member, September 2, 2015

Clare is a former Equine Facilitated Mental Health Association (EFMHA) board member, former chair of the EFMHA research committee, and a member of The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International equine advocacy task force. Clare is an Interdisciplinary PhD candidate at the University of Maine, researching eco-therapies, equine facilitated psychotherapy and the human equine bond as well as obtaining clinical licensure in counseling. Read More ...

Heather Ajzenman OTD,OTR/L

Interview with Heather Ajzenman OTD,OTR/L
HHRF Scientific Advisory Council Member, June 3, 2015

Heather Ajzenman received her doctorate in occupational therapy from Washington University in St. Louis in December of 2012. She piloted a study on “The Effect of Hippotherapy on Motor Control, Adaptive Behaviors, and Participation in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders,” which was published in 2013 in The American Journal of Occupational Therapy.

As part of her doctoral apprenticeship, she worked with a variety of American Hippotherapy Association faculty members learning different research, business, and treatment approaches, and developing a hippotherapy toolbox and practice model that she employs in her current practice. Read More ...


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